Thursday, October 1, 2015

How to Fly a Electric Remote Control Airplane for the First Time

The thrill of being a pilot of your own plane can overwhelm some younger flyers. Start out with a simple electric Remote Control Airplane with just 2 or 3 channels and fixed landing gear to make sure it is not too complicated. Once you have picked out a simple beginner airplane, have your child help you with assembly. Most beginner planes will only require a few screws or some glue to assemble the wings, tail and landing gear. The biggest thing is the time it takes to charge the battery. A quick charger and spare batteries will enhance the time in the air.

Having a park or field to fly in is the next step. Having one without trees and power poles to interfere with the beginning pilot will be good as there will be lots of crashes. Do not worry as most damage can be fixed with scotch tape or glue made for Styrofoam. Make sure you get the correct glue as regular glue will melt the foam and make the plane useless. Having a spare prop will also be useful.

Launching your remote control airplane for the first time can be done with your hand. When turning on power to plane, always power up remote first, making sure your plane will not take off without you in control. Have your child power up the motor(s) and throw just like a glider to get off the ground the first time. Straight flights are what you look for at first. Just let the plane glide to a landing without trying to turn. After a couple of short flights you can try turns and other maneuvers. Landing will take some practice as you will need to glide down after most flights. When the battery starts running low the motor will stop and the plane will still maneuver for landing. The battery will give up before the fun of flying is over. Sometimes bringing an extra battery will prolong the fun.

After your child has learned some of the basics of flying, you can join in with an Electric Remote Control Airplane of your own. More than one plane can fly at a time if they run on different frequencies. The time you spend with your child can help bond the two of you more than a computer game or text. Moving up to a 4 channel remote control plane with elevator and aileron control will be the next step in your adventure of flying. Some of these models come with retractable landing gear.

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