Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remote Control Airplanes Kits - Essential Tips

Flying remote control airplanes has become very popular as a hobby over the last few years. This hobby has evolved into a passion for many over time. Flying RC airplanes is not only fun and addictive but stimulating also. The hobby is equally popular with both young and old and anyone can start with this hobby at any time. This is a very good way to utilize your pastime.

a guest post by Roy M.

Like any hobby before you jump into it you must be sure about all pros and cons (if any) of radio control flying, the cost involved and the type of airplanes that you can fly. You should also learn why this hobby has become so popular nowadays. I suggest that you enter the world of RC flying with the help of RC model airplane kit. You're going to get a great joy once you build and fly the first remote control airplane.

RC plane kits are generally known as ARF or Almost – Ready – To – Fly. The time required to assemble a model airplane is about 20 hrs. Once assembled the airplanes fly at a maximum speed of 30 mph and the landing speed is at 15 mph.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Flying RC Planes – Essential Tips

Flying rc planes is a great hobby which will give you immense excitement and joy. Anyway, in case you are a beginner, well, you will have to take up this hobby seriously in order to master the art of RC model airplane flying.

a guest post by Roy M.

The simplest way to start is the 2 channel electric type RC model airplane. You need not be an experienced one to fly these ones as they are relatively easy and are available everywhere. The level of expertise will depend upon the amount of money you are willing to pump in and your own seriousness about it. If you are not bound by budgetary constraints then you can purchase a RC flight simulator although this is a luxury for flying simple RC model airplanes.

Flying model airplanes can be a lot of fun if you are aware of the following things. Weight and balance are very important for an airplane. So if you have a bought a Ready to Fly airplane and followed all the instructions correctly then the weight and the balance of the airplane should be ok. But it is also important to check the balance before flying a RC model airplane. Just remember that an incorrect balance will make it very difficult for you to control the airplane and it might just crash.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

P51 Mustang - Building RC Planes

Modelling the P51 Mustang

a guest post by Tony LeGrand

WW2 war-birds hold a fascination with most people that love the look of a great aircraft. During this era planes developed from slow flying bi-planes to sleek 400 mile per hour single wing fighters. There is nothing like a war to accelerate the development of aircraft and none more so than the period of the second world war. The Mustang stands as one of the pinnacle fighters of this era, being loved by all who have flown in them or had anything to do with this wonderful piece of history. So, I bought a plan from the internet (you can find some very good ones on Amazon or Ebay) and, I jumped at the opportunity to build it and do an evaluation and flight test on this ‘Cadillac of the skies’.

The plan I used for this amazing RC warbird is about 1:6th scale, with a wing span of 1.6m, (65inches), and a fuselage length of 1.4m. A good .60 2-stroke, or if you hate the scream of a two’eee, .80 to .90 4-stroke like the Magnum .91 I will be using, will do just fine. A warbird should sound as close to the real thing as possible, so a 4 stroke is just the ticket in my opinion.