Thursday, April 14, 2016

Remote Control Model Airplane - Few Words about a Great Hobby

Before we get started, I want to share a few fun facts about rc flying. Most rc aircraft are now small enough to be flown indoors, and almost anyone can enjoy flying these rc airplanes. It is now also much easier and affordable to get started in rc flying. Also, RC airplane clubs are more common now than ever before. Remote Control Model Airplanes only make up one sector of radio control flying. There are also helicopters, jets, and gliders that can all be built and flown.

Beginners should start out with gliders. They are very light, large enough to fly easily, and small enough for easy transport. Gliders are more acceptable to the non-flying community than powered planes because of the noise and price factor. Although powered planes will let you fly longer, and your model doesn't need to be as light, but you need to fly it away from populated areas. But a very important point to remember is find an rc pilot instructor to teach you to avoid the frustrations that most beginners have.

The type of gas used in radio control models is not the same as car gasoline. Model fuel is a mixture of a lubricant, methanol and nitromethane. If you want to build an rc plane from scratch, buy a kit plane with wood and plans included, or go with a ready to fly plane that has everything included. The new models of 'almost ready to fly' planes is all wood and better built, but more expensive. Kits are the better option over ARFs for beginners, but you get valuable building experience and are able to do repairs with pro kits. Whichever rc model airplane you choose just remember the plane you buy doesn't have to be good looking, it just has to teach you to fly. Being afraid to crash is one of the worst things you can do with your remote control model airplane, because if you're afraid to crash then you're afraid to fly. Just remember that the most important thing you can do while building your radio control model is to make sure that everything is straight and square. The end result is a remote control model airplane that flies consistently, predictably, and according to what you do at the transmitter. When your rc model is ready to fly, make sure it is thoroughly checked over by someone who has done a lot of building and flying. Because many rc airplanes are lost due to a simple oversight that could have been caught by a pre-flight.

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