Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Flying Remote Control Airplanes - Essential Tips

People who have never flown remote control airplanes before may be a bit hesitant to do so for fear of crashing their new toys. The following tips will help one become more confident when piloting remote control airplanes.

1. Never fly on a very windy day. Determine approximate wind speed by tying a ribbon to the end of the transmitter's antenna. Hold the controller parallel to the ground. If the ribbon is parallel to the ground, it's too windy. If the ribbon is less than 30 degrees, then it is okay to fly.

2. Determine wind direction by throwing some pieces of grass or light material into the air. Fly remote control airplanes into the wind for optimal performance.

3. If launching by hand, a friend can launch the plane for you so you can keep your hands on the controls at all times.

4. Practice flying in an oval-shaped pattern, keeping all turns in a single direction. When you're comfortable with doing so, fly in the opposite direction, also in an oval pattern. When you've mastered both directions, you can try flying in a figure 8 pattern.

5. When landing remote control airplanes, first take note of the wind direction to land into the wind. Reduce power slowly, allowing the airplane to almost glide on its own. Cut the throttle when it is 5 feet from the ground.

6. Find and learn from an instructor or experienced flyer. You might also want to consider joining a flying club. Some even have a club trainer plane, so you can practice before buying your own airplane. Club members will also be able to give useful advice.

7. Fly in wide open spaces. Places with a lot of people, such as parks, are not ideal for beginners as you might hurt somebody.

8. Read your model's manual. Usually, remote control airplane models vary in functions and technicalities.

9. Crashes are inevitable. Don't beat yourself up if you can't get it right the first few times. Just keep practicing to improve your flying skills.

Above all, have fun!

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