Thursday, January 5, 2017

How to Choose The Right Remote Control Airplane

If you are looking for a new hobby that is more exhilarating than fishing, remote control aircraft flying is a hobby that you should look into. Flying a radio controlled plane at high altitude and doing aerobatics is fun and exciting. But first you have to get into the business of finding the right remote control airplanes that will suit you as a beginner. It seems easy and fun but like all activities flying a RC plane takes time and patience to perfect. But there are things you must know before finding the right remote control airplanes for you. RC planes for beginners are susceptible to wind and turbulence. Because of the small sizes, these are suited for small area practice flying. And also makes them vulnerable to winds that are faster than 5 miles per hour. Your orientation of directions, up and down, left or right will be tested in flying.

Practicing with a RC car is advised to get a feel of the steering, especially in reverse maneuvers like when the car is coming back to you. Perfecting this maneuver is important in controlling a RC aircraft. Speed is also important to scheme through as you take off and landing. At the height that you aim for calculating the speed by backing down from full to half throttle effort from your transmitter may save you from losing control and crashing. Altitude is also a factor to consider in flying, the rule of thumb for novice flyers is at least 100 feet from the ground. This gives you room when correcting mistakes on your maneuvers. Learning to feel the controls of the transmitter is important and will take time and patience because this will be the extension of oneself in directing the plane on its speed and maneuvers. Pre-checking before flying is a must. You want to know what is wrong or what needs to be fixed before it happens and not when it's already happening.

As a novice flyer, finding the right remote control airplanes may be intimidating as well as exciting. Because there are many models and types to choose from, it's a rule to start high and slow. Choose a type with a high wing. These types are designed for easy movements and control. Low winged models are for intermediate and advance flyers. Examples of high winged types are the Slow V and GWS. Slow - V is recommended by advance flyers because of their compact design that is good for indoor flying and fly are low speed. A ready to fly type of aircraft is ideal to save you from headaches in trying to assemble an airplane. Price is also a point to consider, starting prices of an RTF set ranges from $120 to $200. Buy extra battery to extent your flying experience.

Before shopping for your new hobby, consider getting a video simulator of RC airplane flying. This will teach you the basic ropes without breaking any plane or vases in the living room. This will also you're your skill level in maneuvering, test your sense of directions and control of speed. After this, finding the right remote control airplanes for you will be easier.

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