Thursday, February 16, 2017

Radio Controlled Airplanes: The Guide For The Complete Beginners

Radio controlled airplanes for beginners are your best bet if you want to learn how to fly one. But looking for one can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. You will be faced with tons of designs and colors to choose from. You need to have a lot of patience with when shopping for one because all these choices can really get confusing sometimes.

To help you out in searching for the right radio controlled airplane to start with, we have a few suggestions that you might want to consider. To get the perfect one for you, here are some tips on choosing your beginner radio controlled airplane.

Getting the plane

The best one to get if you are a noob would be radio controlled airplanes that are sold ready to fly. These are good for absolute beginners who have no experience in assembling one from scratch although some might come with minor assembly. Most of these types of planes would only need a fresh new set of batteries for you to start taking it for a spin. When you get better at flying and would want to buy a more advanced radio controlled airplane, you can go for the ones which you build from scratch. These are sold in different sets and will allow for more customization. Ultimately the choice will be yours but for starts go for a ready to fly kit.

Getting the RC

Another thing to consider when buying a radio controlled airplane for the first time would be choosing the remote control. First off, you might want to think about how much control you want over the plane. If you just plan on letting your RC plane take off and fly around a couple of times, you can go for the 2 channel controller. This is great for beginners since it's easy to master and you can really get good at flying a radio controlled airplane in no time. However if you are planning some high-flying, dare-devil stunts; you'll need a controller with at least 3-4 channels. This may not be the easiest controller to master, but it gives you a whole lot of control over your plane compared to a 2 channel controller.

Making sure its durable

It's understandable for a beginner to crash a plane once or twice, so to help you with added expense on repairs or what not, go for planes that are really sturdy and durable. It is not advisable to go for light wood made planes like balsa wood If you are an in-experienced flyer. Go for radio controlled airplanes that are made of foam like EPP or expanded polypropylene plastic. There are other types of foam that are light and durable and will surely help you cut down on repair costs.

Bottom line

So the bottom line is to have fun. Choose the right plane and enjoy fling it. Don't be discourage if you crash your plane every now and then and just learn from whatever mistake you made to crash your plane. It's also a good idea to join clubs where you get to enjoy flying and learning to fly with a group.

While this article may have helped you a lot in getting started with your hobby, this should not be the only focus of your research. There are a lot more sources of information that you can gather online. Read more articles about RC airplanes or reviews for to know everything there is to know about it before actually buying one.

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