Thursday, April 20, 2017

Flying Radio Controlled Airplanes Basics

Flying RC airplanes is exciting. Lots of people imagine flying RC planes but resist the urge as they feel that it is an expensive hobby. With leaps in RC model plane technology this is no longer the case as they are becoming much lighter faster and more agile and they have come down in costs quite a bit from their predecessors. If you talk with any enthusiast they will talk about the thrill of racing their plane at high speeds around a field on a summer day pulling off all kinds of stunts and tricks that they have practiced.

You will want to pick a plane that is at your skill level as the basic airplanes have controls that are very forgiving these days and will be able to correct themselves by levelling out if you release the controls or if the motor stalls this way you won't easily be able to wreck your aircraft before you get the hang of the controls. The more advanced planes don't have this auto correction feature but will allow for greater control over the airplanes direction in flight and allow for more stunt flying than a beginner plane but is harder to control. Make sure to master the basics before choosing a more advanced plane.

The planes that are produced these days come in two styles. One is RTF which means ready to Fly and BNF which means Bind to Fly. If you are purchasing a RTF plane then it means that it comes with everything you need to be able to fly the plane in one box including the hand remote control and even batteries. If you are purchasing a BNF plane then it means that you should already have the hand controller and all you need to do is sync the plane or bind the plane to your current controller and you will be ready to fly the BNF plane. If you are just starting out then look for a RTF (Ready to Fly) plane as this will give you all the equipment you will need to fly your plane in one box and when you are looking for more advanced planes you can look for BNF (Bind to Fly) planes and you can save yourself some money as you will already have the batteries and hand control unit already to go.

The other great thing about RC planes today is that you are able to fly them in relatively small areas such as your living room or backyard without having to worry about wrecking the plane or your indoor furniture as most RC planes are made out of light weight foam which means you won't have to worry wrecking your plane if you accidentally crash it into the ground.

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