Saturday, March 30, 2019

Plastic Model Aircraft vs. Remote Control Airplanes

Building Plastic Model Aircraft or Flying Remote Control Airplanes - do they really reject each other?

large scale model aircraft
Well, for many modellers a short answer could be - YES, but for a few, NO, NO WAY, actually. If you really love aviation, and aircraft modelling, both of them can work very well together. And I'll show you why.

Until then, let's have a brief look over the cons and pros of each of them, in case you want to choose only one form of modelling, or you want to set some priorities

Remote Control Aiplanes


remote control airplanes
  • fun; actually you get a lot of fun especially if you fly your plane in a club, or with your friends. You meet new people, and/or have a great time with your friends and family.
  • more dynamic; yes, flying your RC plane will get you some adrenaline boost, and this is cool. You will experience the thrill of flying but in a safe way.
  • see how the planes actually work. You test the laws of physics, understand and play with the mechanic of flying - a great way of learning, in my opinion.


  • expensive; yes, RC planes with all their equipment can be quiet costly.
  • the risk of crashing. You have to make the right purchase, according to your skills and experience, or else you risk seeing your rc plane crashing in under 5 minutes.

Plastic Model Airplanes


  • great way to learn history, as you document and build piece by piece historical aircraft.
  • help you understand how a plane is actually built; you see most of the components and understand how they fit together.
  • excellent way to chase away sad thoughts from your mind. Building and detailing plastic airplanes is a beautiful way to bring some peace into your mind as you focus on simple, and creative, tasks


  • require great attention and perseverance. Don't expect to build that awesome model right from the start. The good news is that patience and determination will eventually pay off.
  • costs can also rise as you invest in more complex tools.

I've said that static and flying aircraft modelling can complement each other. Here is why. Both of them will provide you with great joy no matter the weather - building a model kit is an excellent way to add some joy to the  gloomy winter days, and in the sunny days of spring and summer, flying that cool RC plane is exactly what you need to enjoy nature and the company of your friends and family.

Another reason to see both building plastic model airplanes as a match to flying remote control airplanes is learning. If you really want to fully understand and discover that great WWII plane, the best way is to document, read, visit a museum to see the real thing,  build a plastic scale replica, and fly an RC model of it; imagine that. And if you get a simulator, you could enjoy the excitement of actually flying it just like a real pilot.

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