Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How To Avoid Crashing Your First RC Plane - 10 Essential Tips

a guest post by Eddy Murano

There are very few things as enjoyable on a nice sunny day as taking out your remote control airplane and having a nice leisurely flight. If you happen to take your kids along they will have a great time and it will also make for a great family experience as well.

Some people think of RC airplanes as toys and some of them are. But other RC airplanes are complex and state of the art machines that rival the performance and appearance of their real life counterparts. From small 2 channel basic airplanes to full function jet engine fighters, the hobby has them all!

Contrary to popular belief, flying one of these airplanes is not difficult. It does take some practice and it helps if you have a little upfront knowledge and insight as far as what you are going to encounter and that is where this book will come in handy.

A lot of people spend a lot of money on their planes only to have them sit on a shelf because they don't have the first clue how to get them up in the air and back down in one piece. Well, we are going to show you how to do all that in this article. By following the simple tips provided on this page you will get a great start on great hobby and leisure activity

First, you should buy a trainer that is easily repairable, in case of damage. To have a crash is common, especially in the initial days of training and learning. Hence, your plane should be easy to repair and not take away the fun from your hobby. Secondly, buy a trainer, whose parts are readily available, so that in case you need to replace a part, you don't have to wait till you lose interest in flying, before getting the spare part.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Finding the Cheapest Remote Control Airplanes

RC airplane flying is an expensive hobby. But with the advent of new technologies, globalization and outsourcing of materials; model aircraft are now more affordable and can be enjoyed by anyone. Finding the cheapest remote control airplanes is easy with a click of a mouse. But are these types up to the standard of excellence that speaks of durability, stylish designs and maneuverability on aerobatic moves?

Before finding the cheapest remote control airplanes, let's consider several factors in radio controlled aircraft flying. Make sure that the model you choose can withstand wind breeze of up to 5mph. This is the limitation of model aircraft especially the low speed types. Low speed types such as Ember 2 and Slow - V are RTF or ready to fly models that are specially made for novices but are favorites of intermediate flyers because of their compact design and light weight feature. These are easily flown on contained or small spaces such as the living room and outdoors too, weather permitting. These are great for practicing speed upon take off or on air and landing. Maneuvering a transmitter can be difficult and finding your orientation on directions and feel for the controls will take time and patience. Look for a cheap but reliable model in terms of durability and easy repair and spare parts availability. You may find the most affordable kit but if it doesn't meet the expectations then it's not worth it. This may discourage you in pursuing the hobby further. Compare the prices and characteristics of these models first before deciding on the cheaper brand. Most brands' websites show their products specifications, comparing and getting the opinion of an expert flyer is a big plus in finding type of aircraft.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Getting Started Flying Radio Controlled Model Airplanes

The popularity of radio controlled model airplanes has exploded in recent years. You can find RC model airplanes for sale in most toy and sporting goods stores. There is no shortage of complete packages on the market that sell for less than $50, though I do not necessarily recommend these bottom drawer systems.

The process for learning to fly model helicopters properly is very similar to what I describe here, but I will be focusing on airplanes.

Learning to fly RC is not hard, but there are right ways to do it and wrong ways to do it. Too many times I have seen a young man by himself at a local park trying to teach himself how to fly. That is the wrong way. It quickly leads to crashed airplanes and frustration. A much better approach is the one I outline here.

Local Hobby Store

Before you do anything else, find yourself a local hobby store. They specialize in helping out beginners such as yourself. They don't bite, and they will respect your budget by not steering you to equipment you cannot afford. Their prices are very competitive, and the advice is well worth any small price premium. Just make sure you are speaking with somebody that knows about model airplanes. Hobby stores carry products for many different hobbies such as RC cars and model rockets. If they have a reasonable selection of model airplanes in stock, there is guaranteed to be somebody on staff that understands them.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Radio Controlled Scale Model Aircraft

A cool article from a nice aircraft modelling website

This is usually a scale model aircraft (the exceptions are reconnaissance aircraft purpose made); controlled remotely using a hand held transmitter, which in turn sends a signal to a corresponding receiver which controls the servos on the aircraft to adjust the necessary rudders and wing flaps.

Radio controlled scale model aircraft come in various sizes, some are very basic with the purpose purely on flight and manoeuvrability. Whilst for obvious reasons all do need these anyway, some are built to be highly detailed replicas of the original plane. This may be for the love of the aircraft and attention to detail, or to be used in photo or film shoots, which can be used very effectively in historical films or documentaries. (Although there’s no denying CGI technology is probably now more widely used.)

There are various clubs and organisations around the world dedicated to this hobby, and as all enthusiasts generally very helpful (and passionate). At a glance one may easily incorrectly assume that this is a simple toy, but if you stop and think about the aerodynamics and precision that needs to go into these machines; it may not always be for the faint-hearted. For example if you were to build a scale model aircraft from scratch, (or even kit form), after many hours and money spent you take it for its maiden flight. If that flight should go wrong and end in a crash, this would equate to a long and frustrating task of putting it all together, not to mention examining what went wrong.


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